Are the fish happy living in an aquarium?

They have no idea about freedom of open water if they are born in an aquarium. They will be “happy” if they have fulfilled all natural expectations and conditions requirement for particular fish. The best is to try to recreate natural like habitat. You can see them playing, breeding and having healthy life.

In contrary fish born in open water will be “not happy” in aquarium “prison” with all comforting features.

All nature is alike. Fulfillment of all needs is a simplified definition of happiness. Let’s say you are feeding wild birds in winter time. Are they happy? Put them in a cage and give them everything they need. You can see the difference. In cage they will have no drive as in freedom.

This post is relevant for fauna and flora as for humans!

Navigation sense for animals, birds, fish and humans was discovered explained and publish in research conducted in last century. In brain of mentioned above creatures is navigation system responding to geomagnetic field of the earth. Humans lost most of it in evolution process.  We evolved to use other senses and our brain is more advanced, so navigation sense is not very important anymore. Some people are able to use remaining part of it for navigation in forests etc (pathfinders . . .).

Unfortunately this ability works again us. This very specific navigation system (or remaining part of it in every human being) senses very specific part of man-made and natural EMFs. It triggers intruder alarm and defence system tries to fight them.

Practically this is it. Results may be bad like developing variety of health problems due to lack of energy used for this fight and involved in it e.g. “special forces” designated to catch and destroy cancer cells. The list of symptoms of exposition to EMFs and solution is here.

My Invention succeeded in removing part of EMFs triggering defence system to fight with them. As results all type of the problems related to explained earlier conditions can be easily reverse.  Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia (they are not chronic any more – they can be defeat) are an example of many health problems we can successfully deal with.

Our Website are alive

Finally we are able to upload both unique plant care and unique water life care websites. In addition to all regular applications and information they are focus on specific target – EMFs affecting plants and water life.

In this blog we are focus on explanation and solution to problems related to the same subjects including other form of life-like animals and pets and . . .

EMFs harmless or harmful

Recently one of my articles introducing to impact of EMFs on health was commented.



Cited – “There are limits imposed by the government because certain electromagnetic radiation wavelengths are ionizing radiation (such as gamma waves, X-rays, and high-frequency ultraviolet light), and these can cause damage to DNA and cells in the human body, which can cause cancer. These limits are debated because the amount of ionizing radiation one can be exposed to before guaranteeing cancer is not a definite amount, and varies from population to population. Wavelengths used for WiFi and cellular are non-ionizing, and cannot cause cancer or other health problems.”

All thesis are explained in “What is in the Background?” in this blog.

As much as I respect critical and constructive comment I was shock by closed minded author’s statement.

Putting on side humans reaction to all type EMFs proved number of times by researchers and victims’ testimonials is another area mostly abandon.

Flora and fauna suffer the same as humans.

What author of that comment said is a typical propaganda without any evidence. Ask people suffering from Wi-Fi and Cellular radiation about it. It is to many different research and testimonial to be ignored. Not only DNA damage can be in background of cancer. Also it is a number of acute, chronic and severe health problems and with direct links to mentioned type of radiation.

Additionally if it is so clear why each country has different limits for this type of radiation? Why plants in gardens and on farmers fields surrounding Cell Towers go to be brownish just after they are power on? Why so many people suffer from exposition to Wi-Fi, Smart meter and Cell Tower radiation?

Of course for people defending such procedures it is simple – those people are faking and is no evidence for anything they are saying. It is as usually blind justice in the hands of “big money”.

What he can say on front of the people developing permanent disability, suffering chronic pain, not even talking about worst ones. What about animals and plants – they suffer in silence begging us for help.

Those slogans are circulating for recent years ignoring statistical data collected in many countries. Do you know that in Sweden number of EHS (electro hypersensitive) people is highest in the world. This country was one of the first to install Cell Tower network in 1970. Now it covers over 70% of the country. Why honey bee population is vanishing? Why so many pets and animals need to be treated by vets?

What about schools? What about teachers who are not able to do the job, students having problems with memory, focusing and concentration? Of course – Wi-Fi and Cellular radiation is harmless isn’t it? What about breast cancer developed in the brae area where females put cell phone using it as a holder?

What about quality of vegetation we are eating? Why it is not enough vitamins and nutrition in it?

It is just a tip of the problems.

Yes all of the non ionizing radiation could be harmless – you should check “What is in the Background?” – last section “Solution”

Animals are close to humans in the evolution chain. From observations they are suffering the same way humans do. All Animals are suffering from the detrimental effects of long term exposure to EMFs, but the effect on pets and agriculture animals is even more severe.

Researchers are using different animals to determine the effects of exposure to different types of EMFs. Those are very symptomatic in relation to humans’ exposure to EMFs.

Animals depend on us. They often don’t have a choice of where they sleep or spend most of their time.

 Small pets and birds are mostly spending life in the cage. They have no way to inform us of their problems resulting from long exposure to EMF radiation; especially natural type EMFs.

 Some dogs are luckier having ability to run inside the house, others spend much of their day in a small fenced dog run. They have their beds in specific places. They can suffer too when EMFs are running through the bed. Cows, horses and other farm animals spend most of the winter in the barns.

It is like in this true story -“…We found out that our sheep house was built over three natural lines of EMFs, so the whole building was affected. The area we kept the rams in had several lines running through it, and all but one of our fields was affected by several lines. We housed our sheep over the winter and had major problems each year with just about every health problem known to sheep, and animals dying suddenly…” 

The same is with all other forms of vegetation. Solution is invented. You can find more about it on: